Competition starts on April. 7, 2023 and ends April 9, 2023. 


Anyone who wants to learn and have a fun experience can join! No prior coding knowledge is required! 

Project and Submission Requirements

All code must be original. That means that you may not take code created by someone else or found online. This applies to all outside code other than template code. Don't use ChatGPT to write code for you, it's not hard to figure out if you have.

Must contain the source code and a video. The project MUST be completed within the window of the competition. 

Team Size:

The maximum team size is 5 people per team

Judging Criteria and Winner Selection

  • Innovation
    • Does the project revolve around something not explored much?
    • Does it solve a significant problem?
    • Is it impactful? 
  • How Complete the Product is
  • Could this be Launchable(turned into a venture)?