3 months ago


Hey hackers! We're hosting another hackathon this summer! If you haven't already, register at: https://launchhacks-2023-summer.devpost.com/


5 months ago

Opportunity for Coding Interview Course Access

Hey all,

LaunchHacks is excited to let you guys know about an opportunity to donate to a good cause. IsoAccess is a nonprofit organisation focused on providing underprivileged kids with computers and a modern education experience worldwide. Currently, IsoAccess is working with a 2 schools in Andhra Pradesh, India and 1 school in Maharashtra, India to donate 5 computers and 5 projectors to each of them. They are planning to also donate textbooks and Wi-Fi resources to these schools. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

People who donate a minimum of 5 dollars will receive a free InterviewCake Coding Interview…

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6 months ago

Winners and Claiming Awards

Hey Hackers

If you won the hackathon and were sent an email about being a winner, please re-email us back at: kousthubhveturi06@gmail.com to claim your awards. Our sponsor@launchhacks.org email is currently down.

6 months ago


These are the winners of Launchhacks II:


1st - ReadSpeak

2nd - GenieLearn

3rd - Optifind

4th - PastPilot

5th - RecipeGenius

6th - Moongate

6 months ago

Closing Ceremony

Hey Everyone,

The closing ceremony video is now up! Join to see who won!


6 months ago

Winners Announced!

Please check out this youtube video for the closing ceremony and winners!


6 months ago

Update to Notice - Delay in Winner Announcements

Hey all,

Due to volume of submissions, Winners will be announced on Sunday, April 16. We will be publishing a video on our youtube channel detailing who wins. Winners will be emailed regarding the Awards they recieve. Apologies for the delay!

In the meanwhile, consider joining us for our summer Hackathon at Devpost - LaunchHacks 2023 Summer Hackathon

6 months ago

Notice - Delay in Winner Announcements

Hey all,

Due to volume of submissions, Winners will be announced on Sunday, April 16. 

6 months ago

Launch Hacks Summer Hackathon

Hello Hackers,

Thank you so much for participating in Launch Hacks II. We hope you enjoyed your time. Launch Hacks is hosting a summer hackathon in July that has even more prizes and a week long time to complete your project! We encourage you to sign up to continue to display your engineering mindset!  This one will feature more than just the hackathon itself, but will also have famous tech speakers from across the tech world!

To register: https://launchhacks-iii.devpost.com/?ref_feature=challenge&ref_medium=discover 


Launch Hacks Team

6 months ago

1 Min left

You have 1 minute to submit! Get your projects in!

6 months ago


Only 30 minutes left. Remember to submit even if you are not finished! 

6 months ago

1 Hour Left!

Hey Hackers!

You have 1 hour left to submit your project. There will be no late submissions accepted. Make sure you finish your project and submit all required materials. Remember, even if your project isn't completed, still submit whatever you have. Finally, for people submitting a cross-submitted project, make sure it was started after April 7 4:30PM PST. 

Good Luck Everyone!

6 months ago

Submit your projects! 2.5 Hours Left!

The deadline is coming up, with just over 2.5 hours left. All submissions need to be in by 9PM PST! 

Remember, you can cross submit your project as long as it was started after 4:30 PM PST on April 7. Make sure you try to submit everything required. Even if your projects arent quite done, no worries, submit what you have.


6 months ago

Deadline Extension

Due to requests, we are extending the deadline to 9pm PST April 9th giving you a few extra hours. We really hope this helps with your projects!

To keep up with important updates, please join the discord server: discord.gg/D7DpCSHcat


6 months ago

Workshop Prize!

Hello Hackers!

We are holding a raffle for everyone who joins the Intro to Python Workshop. The winner will get a Wolfram Prize! Join here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87019664649?pwd=ZmhaVTVRNVp5OXRIQ2NwWmlmS2Z3Zz09


6 months ago

Join the Intro to Python Workshop!

Our Introduction to Python workshop is happening! This is a great opportunity to learn from a certified, award winning teacher.

This is the link to join:


6 months ago

Intro to Game Development with ct.js Workshop

The Intro to Game Development Workshop is starting now at: https://youtu.be/0OB5bD8RGEU


Don't forget to join!

6 months ago

Clarification on Cross Submissions

For clarification, cross submissions ARE allowed. However, your project must have been started after 4:30pm PST April 7th. If your project was started before this date, you may NOT use it to submit.


The LaunchHacks Team

6 months ago

Workshop - TheWeeklyFortune - Whisper AI

The WeeklyFortune's Whisper AI Workshop is starting, here is some info:

The workshop is focused on AI, specifically whisper AI (a speech to text tool for coders). Participants in this workshop will learn more about whisper AI in general and how to use it in their coding projects.

Join at the link below:

Join Zoom Meeting - Whisper AI The Ultimate Speech to Text tool for coders: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/73898794562?pwd=bSaDDGR9FhUf0Pk2hwaFkSDzR6tZ55.1

Meeting ID: 738 9879 4562 Passcode: 2t5TEy

6 months ago


Here's the official schedule for this hackathon (ALL TIMES ARE IN PST):

1. Opening Ceremony  - Today at 7pm on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8hVLTBCsPaI3nQws7tF_eg (please subscribe to the channel to keep up with all events)

2. The Weekly Fortune Workshop - Saturday 10am 

3. The Game Dev Workshop - Saturday 2pm

4. Intro to Python Workshop - Sunday 11am

5. IMPORTANT: Submissions Sunday 4:30pm

6. Announcing Winners - April 15th


All links to workshops will be communicated through our discord server so make sure to join at https://discord.gg/Qc425KnC.

Your time for making your project has already started (4:30pm today)…

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6 months ago

Work time starts now!

Hey contestants,


Time starts now! Remember, you have until April 9 at 4:30 PM Pacific time to submit your project. Good luck everyone!

6 months ago


Hello Hackathon Participants!

LaunchHacks II is just around the corner starting tomorrow! Please join the discord server as soon as possible as this is our primary form of communication with you guys. All updates will be sent via the server. To join: discord.gg/D7DpCSHcat


LaunchHacks Team

6 months ago

Just under 2 weeks away from the start of the hackathon!


We're just 2 weeks away( or to be accurate, 12 days) from the start of our hackathon. As a reminder, make sure to join the discord server at this link:


We'll be sending out more updates with more information regarding the hackathon as the start date gets closer!